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UPDATE! The 2015 Dr. Larry Ross Professional Model has arrived!

New design, for faster key response - totally fluid!

Black lacquer and new engraving pattern


Highlights From the Collection


Buffet Crampon Paris Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone


Flenz Adolphe Sax Series Tenor Saxophone


R. Malerne, Paris "Airflow" Professional Tenor Saxophone


Ida Maria Grassi Majestic Professional Tenor Saxophone s/n 135xx


Ida Maria Grassi, Italy Stencil Tenor Saxophone 64xx:

This tenor saxophone has a low s/n and it may have been made in the early 1960s or so.

Guban Luxor Solo Professional Alto Saxophone (Timisoara, Romania)


Beaugnier, Paris Antoine Courtois 'Portrait' Professional Alto Saxophone

B&S Germany Handmade Professional Tenor Saxophone (Markneukirchen)

Beaugnier, Paris Antoine Courtois 64xx

The R. Malerne, Paris Acme Master Professional TenorSaxophone has a warm tone with a Rene Duval Paris mouthpiece


Giardinelli GS512 Alto Saxophone

This Giardinelli GS512 with the Silver Neck has a dark tone that is similar to the Beaugnier, Paris Antoine Courtois's!


Ida Maria Grassi PRO Tenor Saxophone: Selmer Mark VI Competitor, Hands Down!


Stephanhouser STS500SP Tenor Saxophone


This horn has an AMAZING tone, and its playability borders on perfection: the tone is huge and dark, but the high end can cut through as well.

Stephanhouser STS500SG (Smoke Grey)

Stephanhouser STS500VF

Stephanhouser SAS1500VF Alto Saxophone


Steve Goodson Model Pro Alto Saxophone


Schenkelaars, Holland Ardsley Pro Tenor Saxophone

Here is a sample of the Schenkelaars, Holland Ardsley Pro Tenor Saxophone; this model was silverplated and used by Leopold Stokowski in New York from 1959 - 1962 for his Concord Artist Series! It has rolled tone holes.


Amati ATS62 Professional Tenor Saxophone


Chateau Vienna Tenor Saxophone


LA Sax Model 209 & Selmer Paris Geo M. Bundy, Woodwind Paris Classique reed


Arta Guban Romania Professional Tenor Saxophone, s/n 38


Buffet Crampon, Paris Evette Schaeffer Professional Alto Saxophone


Beaugnier, Paris Noblet Professional Alto Saxophone


1959 Schenkelaars, Holland Concord Artist Series Professional Alto Saxophone


Grassi Yellow Brass Pro Alto Saxophone


Beaugnier, Paris Antoine Courtois Professional Alto Saxophone, s/n 61xx


Buffet Crampon, Paris Master Model


Schenkelaars, Holland Professional Tenor Saxophone, Concord Artist Series


Buffet Crampon Paris Pro Evette Schaeffer Alto Saxophone & R. Malerne, Paris Mouthpiece


Beaugnier, Paris Noblet Pro Alto Saxophone


PB MAC20 Professional Alto Saxophone, Rolled Tone Holes

More to come! :)